Spotting Deployment Regressions Like A Boss

22 Oct 2013

A common work flow I’ve seen some Rails devs settle in seems to include implementing features, fixing application bugs, and whipping up rigorous tests all locally on their machines and only to later cross their fingers hoping it didn’t break on deployment. Since the only good code is shipped code, deployment time eventually comes around and suddenly chaos ensues as neither god, stack traces, or Stack Overflow seem to indicate what exactly is causing the broken deployment (we’ve encountered many just such hard to track down problems with the Rails asset pipeline). DevOps to the rescue!

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Fingerprint GitHub SSH Public Keys

22 Sep 2013

When introducing GitHub to new employees sometimes the first thing they encounter are authentication problems. 99% of the time these are one of 2 issues, they haven’t registered their public keys with a GitHub account or their ssh-agent isn’t running with the right private key.

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